Review: Chaos Over Cosmos – The Ultimate Multiverse

Genre: Atmospheric death metal

Country: Poland & Australia


The Underground scene worldwide is vast and nowadays with the development of the technology, the bands can record whole albums literally without even meeting one another. This is the case for Chaos Over Cosmos, a music duo project based in Poland and Australia. The album is consisted of six tracks, with its total duration being approximately 41 minutes.

As previously mentioned, the album is recorded from distance and the heavy influences of the modern technology are obvious, both in its recording as well as its production. The use of keyboards gives an atmospheric element (even though it sometimes becomes a bit too industrial for my taste) whereas the combination of whispering, growl and clean vocals makes it darker and more interesting for the listener. My favourite track is the first one, called “Cascading Darkness”, which is a combination of progressive, death and in some instances thrash metal, showing the music variety and high skill of the Polish-Australian duo.

Next song is “One Hundred”, which has a more melodic character and leads the listener deeper into the atmosphere of the band. When it reaches the darkest point, “Worlds Apart” takes over, which takes the listener through the path of darkness with a heavier tone in vocals. “Consumed”, the following track, keeps us on the same page with nice melodies and riffs, while “We Will Not Fall” makes greater use of keys that contribute to the whole atmosphere. The album closes with “Asimov”, its shortest track, an instrumental “goodbye” that combines elements of all the previous songs.

“The Ultimate Multiverse” is exactly this: a multiverse that combines all kinds of modern metal, resulting in this album which is atmospheric, nice to listen and definitely a good option for the fans of melodic atmospheric metal. Comparing to the previous album, the vocals have a greater variety and the riffs are way more powerful and shape a new character that is more fitting to the band. This is definitely a step forward for Chaos Over Cosmos, looking forward to their next release.





  1. Cascading Darkness
  2. One Hundred
  3. Worlds Apart
  4. Consumed
  5. We Will Not Fall
  6. Asimov


Band Members

Joshua Ratcliff – vocals, lyrics, songwriting
Rafal Bowman – guitars, synths, programming, songwriting


Mini Bio

Chaos Over Cosmos is a music project created by Joshua Ratcliff and Rafal Bowman, two guys that have never met each other. “The Ultimate Multiverse” is the band’s second album, albeit the first with Joshua in the lineup.









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