Review: Rawfoil – Tails from the Four Towers

The Lombardians Rawfoil, two years after their first full album, release their first EP titled “Tails from the Four Towers”. The EP is consisted of four tracks and its overall duration is around twenty minutes.

From the first track (People Who Don’t Drink Are Not People), the band introduces the listener to its concept (drinks, beer, etc) and invite to an endless headbanging during all track. From the first minute, one can hear the heavy influences from Testament and Exodus, but there’s lot more coming… Second track, cult of ignorance. A classic thrash metal song, on the steps of Metallica. The band remains restless and the listener has no other option but to follow to the frenetic rhythm. If you’re a thrasher, no doubt you will love this. The Braindead Driver that follows still keeps going on thrash, with some more heavy and speed elements though that transfuse a different style which is still pleasant to hear. Final song of the EP is the “Thick Slices”, which is the most Metallica-like song of the track, with a crazy and more speedy rhythm though. This is the first part, because the second is a 100% Italian style song that leaves a weird feeling at the end…

Overall, we are talking about a well produced release, with loads of classic and modern thrash elements that combine harmonically altogether and provide the listener with a pleasant hearing. The band pays special tribute to their country too, with the song introductions and endings being in Italian, which is also nice, even though the last part of “Thick Slices” does not exactly fit with the rest of the album. No doubt though that overall they put the bar high enough. It’s up to them to keep it there.





  1. People Who Don’t Drink Are Not People
  2. Cult Of The Ignorance
  3. Braindead Diver
  4. Thick Slices (As My Mother’s Like)


Band Members

Lorenzo “Pancino” Riboldi – Bass, Vocals (Backing)

Ruben “Bellicapelli” Crispino – Guitars

Francesco “Jdruvvolotti” Ruvolo – Vocals

Marco “CONTE” Benedetti – Drums


Mini Bio

Rawfoil were founded in 2009 and started as a cover band playing thrash metal. Two years later, they started writing their own material and released a demo. In 2018 they released their first full album titled “Evolution in Action”. The “Tails from the Four Towers” is their first EP.






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